Preview: Wasted Food

Four million people in the UK can’t afford a healthy diet, but supermarkets are throwing away huge amounts of food every day.


According to a report by the Sustainable Development Commission, supermarkets throw away 1.6 million tonnes of food every year, although campaigners believe the actual figure is nearer 2 million tonnes. The worst part is that much of this food is perfectly edible, but supermarkets don’t want to give it away because of liability concerns.

Environmental Impact

Food waste also has a significant impact on the environment. As the food rots, it produces greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and methane. In fact, the UK’s total annual food waste is responsible for 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Freegans and skip diving

I’ve been looking into food waste and some potential solutions. I’ll be looking at how much supermarkets in the area throw away, as well as meeting some freegans and skip divers in and around Cardiff. Look out for the blog post in the next couple of weeks.

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thegreenveggie meets the Ethical Chef

Thegreenveggie was very excited was be interviewed by the Ethical Chef last week.

a screenshot from the Ethical Chef website

A screenshot from the Ethical Chef's website

The Ethical Chef was established by Deri Reed in 2010. Deri is a vegetarian chef and is passionate about food, health and the environment. Although he now lives in west Wales, Deri founded Ethical Chef while living in Cardiff and is keen to maintain his ties with the city.

Deri said: “I’m so pleased to see more and more people supporting the movement of “Meat Free” foods in Cardiff and Liz is clearly another who wants to educate people with new ideas in the kitchen and to raise awareness of deeper issues too.”

See the full feature on the Ethical Chef website.