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Cardiff Vegetarian Festival 2012

Unfortunately, I’ve been up to my ears in revision and exams for the last couple of weeks (hence the lack of posts) so I was sad to miss out on Cardiff Vegetarian Festival. Luckily, the Ethical Chef has made this great video of highlights, so I almost feel like I was there…

Launch of Cardiff food charter

Cardiff food charter

Cardiff food charter

A Cardiff Food Charter was launched at a Sustainable Food City conference event at Cardiff University last week.

The charter aims to promote a diverse and sustainable food culture in the city and get more people buying local Welsh produce. It also hopes to provide a framework for access to healthy, environmentally friendly food, as well as building a strong local economy.

The charter’s development has been inspired by the success of similar food charters in other parts of the UK, such as Plymouth and Bristol. It has also taken inspiration from overseas projects, such as the Cowichan Food Charter in Canada.

The charter asks people in Cardiff to play their part by cooking more meals from scratch, wasting as little as possible and buying food from independent retailers. It also encourages businesses to serve healthy and sustainable food to their employees, to buy more local food and to encourage staff to grow, cook and eat fresh food together.

During the launch event, there were presentations and workshops from a wide variety of people including local food activists, action groups, academics, food businesses and government representatives.

The next stage will be to identify funding to set up a Cardiff Food Policy Council which will encourage more businesses, institutions and individuals to sign up to the Food Charter and to oversee Cardiff’s future development as a Sustainable Food City.

Video: Cowichan Green

News in brief

Coffee cup

Coffee cup

Keeping you up-to-date with this week’s most important vegetarian news stories…

Call yourself a vegetarian?

With the recent revelation that international coffee giant Starbucks adds crushed bugs to their strawberry frappuchinos and other food retailers admitting they fry potatoes in pork grease, how can you be sure if you are really eating vegetarian? Read full story.

Adele goes veggie

Singer Adele has lost more than a stone since switching to a vegetarian diet. During an interview for Radio 1, she told the presenter that she was trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle by going veggie, but said she wasn’t a fan of tofu. Read full story.

New inspiration for veggie cooks

Feeling low on recipe inspiration? Cookery teacher Liz Nolan has just published My Goodness, a beautifully illustrated collection of tasty and hassle free recipes. “Part of my mantra is how to cook with beans and lentils,” she said. Read full story.

Photo: @Doug88888

News in brief

Veggie burger

Veggie burger

Keeping you up-to-date with this week’s most important vegetarian news stories…

The world’s first test-tube burger

The world could get its first lab-grown burger this year, with scientists using stem cells to create strips of beef. But could vegetarians eat it? Many of us become vegetarian for animal rights reasons, but if the meat did not come from dead animals, would there be an ethical problem with eating it? Read full story. 

Many common drugs are unsuitable for vegetarians

A study has suggested many common tablet and liquid medicines are non-vegetarian. The drugs contain gelatin, which is derived from animal bones or skin. A survey in the Postgraduate Medical Journal showed a quarter of patients are unknowingly prescribed drugs containing gelatin, contrary to their beliefs. Read full story.

Wild animals to be banned in circus performances

Ministers have unveiled plans to outlaw the outdated practice of using animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys and elephants, to perform in circus acts.  Animal welfare minister Lord Taylor said a tougher licensing regime will be brought in to improve conditions for performing animals until the laws are in force. Read full story.

Photo: Danielle

Official opening of FareShare Cymru depot

FareShare Cymru

FareShare Cymru

In our article on food waste and freeganism in Cardiff, we reported that although 410,000 tonnes of food and drink are thrown away in Wales each year, there was no edible food diversion scheme operating in south Wales.

But yesterday, food redistribution charity FareShare took an important step in fighting food waste and food poverty in and around the capital, with the official opening of the FareShare Cymru Cardiff depot.

FareShare Cymru diverts edible surplus food that has been discarded by food manufacturing and retail industries and redistributes it to charities and community organisations for homeless and vulnerable people.

The new depot was opened by Environment Minister John Griffiths, who helped volunteers to pack food items for distribution to charities and homeless centres in Cardiff and Newport.

Mr Griffiths said: “Food waste and food poverty are serious problems across Wales. The Welsh Government’s Towards Zero Waste ambition is for Wales to recycle 70 per cent of its waste by 2025 and to be a zero waste nation by 2050.”

He added: “I am delighted to support the work of organisations like FareShare Cymru who work to tackle these issues, and make such valuable use of food that would otherwise go to waste.”

Last year, the food redistributed by the charity contributed towards 8.6m meals for vulnerable people. The charity runs 17 operations across the UK and 35,500 people benefit from the FareShare service every day.

Photo: (from left to right) John Griffiths AM, Welsh Assembly Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development; Michelle Chapman, Fareshare volunteer; Sarah Germain, Chair of Fareshare Cymru; Russell Lane, Low-risk Operations Manager at Tillery Valley; Keith Mason, Trustee of Fareshare Cymru; Jahan Abedi, Owner of Imperial Services; Simon Luffman, Store Manager of Sainsbury’s, Colchester Avenue.

News in brief



Keeping you up to date with this week’s most important vegetarian news stories…

Latest PETA appeel: Go Vegan

Animal-rights organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), seems to have gone bananas. The organisation yesterday launched its latest campaign, which involved constructing a five-foot high pile of bananas in the Philippine city of Manila. It is estimated that over 8,000 pieces of fruit were used in the stunt. Rochelle Regodon, spokesperson for PETA Asia, said: “We thought it would be a fun way for people to talk about a more serious issue – the suffering of animals in factory farms.” Read full story.

German bank advertisement offends vegetarians

An advertisement for Ing-DiBa Bank, which showed a famous sportsman eating a sausage, outraged vegetarians in Germany. The advert features basketball player Dirk Nowitzki, who is shown devouring a sausage in a delicatessen, claiming it will make him “big and strong.” Vegetarians protested on the bank’s Facebook page. Read full story.

Environmental impact of meat production provides food for thought

Meat consumption around the world has increased by 20 per cent in the last decade, but statistics about the environmetal impact of meat production are alarming. There are almost 1.4 billion cattle and 1.1 billion sheep on the planet, producing 37 per cent of  methane emissions. But can going veggie really help to save the planet? Read full story.

Photo: Fernando Stankuns