News in brief

Coffee cup

Coffee cup

Keeping you up-to-date with this week’s most important vegetarian news stories…

Call yourself a vegetarian?

With the recent revelation that international coffee giant Starbucks adds crushed bugs to their strawberry frappuchinos and other food retailers admitting they fry potatoes in pork grease, how can you be sure if you are really eating vegetarian? Read full story.

Adele goes veggie

Singer Adele has lost more than a stone since switching to a vegetarian diet. During an interview for Radio 1, she told the presenter that she was trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle by going veggie, but said she wasn’t a fan of tofu. Read full story.

New inspiration for veggie cooks

Feeling low on recipe inspiration? Cookery teacher Liz Nolan has just published My Goodness, a beautifully illustrated collection of tasty and hassle free recipes. “Part of my mantra is how to cook with beans and lentils,” she said. Read full story.

Photo: @Doug88888

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